Chapter 3 Introduction to the Application

Every Application has an Origin Story

Data Scientists at RStudio University have discovered that there are trackable traits and behaviors students engage in that have been predictive of the desired 4-year graduation track.

They have built a shiny application that can be used by the very data-savvy advisors at this illustrious institution to identify students in need of guidance and show them the top behavioral factors driving individual predictions coming out of the model.

App Preview

App Preview

The POC was a smashing success - but now our advisors actually want to use this thing for real.

  • We’ve developed a nice app
  • We want to put it into production
  • We want confidence that it will perform well in production, both now and in the future

3.1 Activity: Explore the Application

First: Open app.R and Run the Application

Discussion: Explore the Application

  • Are there any parts of the app code that don’t make sense?
  • Is this application ready for production?
  • How would you define “production”?
  • What insights would be useful to have about the application before we try to deploy it?

Additional Discussion:

  • What is your current process for taking applications into production?

Deliverable: Start a Plan

  • Create a checklist
  • Outline the steps you might take to put this application into production

Checklist for Taking Applications into Production

A high-level Checklist to build off of:

Ideas for Getting Started: Checklist

Ideas for Getting Started: Checklist