Favorite Projects from 2017

Favorite work, community and personal projects I created or contributed to in 2017.

.rprofile Interview with Jenny Bryan

December rOpenSci #rstats community interview: Jenny Bryan

.rprofile Interview with Mara Averick

Newest rOpenSci #rstats community interview: Mara Averick, tidyverse developer advocate at RStudio

.rprofile Interview Series

Over the next several months I’ll be teaming up with the rOpenSci blog to release a series of cool #rstats community interviews. Check out the first one which went live today!

B23 Blog: Chromebook Data Science

Experimenting with Chromebook Data Science in the Cloud

I have a new blog up on the B23 Medium account – Check it out: Experimenting with Chromebook Data Science in the Cloud

B23 Blog Backlog

B23 Blogs From the Past – 2016

A Sparklyr Test Drive Designed for the Analysis of Large Datasets

Read it on Medium here.

Introducing B23r – An R package for Importing and Exporting Entire R Environments backed by Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3)

Read it on Medium here.

Hello World

I’m currently in the process of migrating or linking to my blogs from other locations - stay tuned!