.rprofile Interview with Mara Averick

.rprofile: Mara Averick

Over the next several months I’ll be teaming up with the rOpenSci blog to release a series of cool #rstats community interviews. The November interview with RStudio tidyverse developer advocate Mara Averick went live on the site today.

Read it here .rprofile: Mara Averick

About the Series

I proposed this interview series as a side-project for rOpenSci unconf17 which took place in Los Angeles last May. The original idea was to put together a loosely defined set of interview questions for the purpose of “Demystifying the Creative/Development Process of the R Community”. All of the interviews we conducted ended up different, both from each other and from the pre-defined statement of purpose, but I’m incredibly happy with the final products and grateful for the opportunity I had to chat with these folks about their work and life.